Second Hand Laptops in Meerut
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As the pandemic has started the need for laptops has increased, whether you are a job person or a student. Either for an online class or for a job, a laptop or computer is a must, to keep on working. New laptops are expensive and can hurt your pocket, as well. Therefore, buying second hand laptops is way more cost-effective and inexpensive.

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Buying old laptops | Points to remember
Think about what you need

Before you look around to various options for second hand laptops think about what you actually need. It all depends on your demands and needs. A businessman or a job professional may need higher RAM and the latest processor, on the other hand, a student may not need high RAM or up to date processor. The features of a laptop depend on the usage of laptops and the work to be done on it.

Preplan the ideal laptop for yourself and search that way.

Screen Size
Since laptops come in various screen sizes and styles, the choices for screen sizes also widens. Laptops sizes basically start from 13-inches and can go up to 17-inches. For portability, smaller screens are preferred and if you love big screens then you can go for 17 inches. The normal and common sizes of laptops are 15 – 16 inches.

Storage and processors
Storage is another factor you need to consider before buying second hand laptops. Check the space in your laptop and how much you need it.

Again, if you’re a professional you will require high data storage laptops plus a good processor. If you are a gamer, then you need a higher capacity and the latest processor for a seamless experience.

Furthermore, always check memory before buying laptops. People made mistakes by not checking the memory details which results in the lagging of laptops. The memory of laptops can go up to 16GB.

Operating System
OP or operating system is yet another point to remember before buying laptops. If you buy second hand laptops then the chance of old OP is possible in your device. Make sure you buy a relevant operating system for smooth functioning.

Windows 11 is the latest operating system which has launched recently. Windows 10 is the most common and reachable OP.

SRV Computer gives you Second Hand Laptops with Windows 10 and many other latest features.

Check it Before Buying | Tips for Buying Second Hand Laptops
Check connecting points of laptops
The connecting points of laptops for connecting external accessories are to be checked before buying second hand laptops. Connecting points such as charger points, mic or headphone points.

Check keypad and mouse pad
Check whether the mousepad and keypad are working properly. Careless in checking the physical features of a second hand laptop hurt in long run. If these elements have any problem do not buy that particular laptop.

Check display
Inspect the screen carefully. Look for dead pixels, flickering, or spots on the screen. Open Chrome or any other browser on any second hand laptop and open YouTube to watch a video. If possible run high-resolution video. This way you can check whether the screen is comfortable to look at, considering you probably end up staring at your laptop screen for hours at a stretch. If you find a fault in the screen, do not buy the laptop.

Check battery and adapter
You should always ask the seller about the battery health of the laptop. This is an important aspect because newer laptops do not have replaceable batteries. Just remember that replacement batteries are usually expensive or even impossible to get. Also, examine if the laptop battery charges properly and doesn’t drain too quickly. Make sure the seller will be including the charger with the laptop.
SRV Computers – Old laptops seller in Meerut
SRV Computer is the computer and laptops service provider in Meerut. We have been in the market for many years and now has established as the renowned and most trustable service providers in the city.

We also sell old laptops with a complete refurbishment. If you are looking forward to buying old laptops in Meerut then SRV Computer is the right destination for you. You can buy laptops without any hassle and build a long term relationship with us.

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What makes us unique?
Our repairing services are the prime feature in us that make us unique and apart from others. Hire our computer repair technicians in Meerut and avail of the services with no visiting charges. Sounds too good, right?

Furthermore, our prices are inexpensive.

Our computer repairing services in Meerut are open from morning 9:30 am to evening 9:00 p.m.

What do we sell?
Keyboards (Wired and Wireless)
Mouse (Wired and Wireless)
Air Pods or Wireless Earpiece
Pen Drives
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Q1. Where to buy second hand laptops in Meerut?

Ans. SRV computer is the right and the best place to buy second hand laptops in Meerut. We provide the best quality laptops with healthy batteries and adaptors.

Q2. Are second hand laptops worth buying?

Ans. Yes, if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a new laptop then refurbished laptops are the finest choice for you. Refurbishment is done that eliminates every fault in the laptop.

Q3. How much old laptops costs?

Ans. Most of the time, they are half of the original prices. It depends on the quality and demand of a particular model.

Q4. Can I buy laptops under 15k?

Ans. Yes, there are many old laptops under this budget. You can visit our store on P.L. Sharma Road, Meerut or can make us a call.

Q5. How to buy second hand laptop?

Ans. Just visit our shop and we will showcase the most relevant model for you. We will assist you in choosing the right piece for you.